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Kasmiri uses only the purest cashmere expertly spun from carefully selected premium quality raw material sourced from four key regions known for their superior cashmere fibre.

These regions are the Alashan area in the Western part of Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Tibet. The result is a truly luxurious yarn with an average micron of 15.2-15.8 giving an extraordinary soft, voluminous yet light superior cashmere for your ultimate warmth and comfort. 

Our cashmere has a wide range of international certifications to ensure quality and ethical sustainable practices including the GOOD CASHMERE STANDARD. This certification means our cashmere is sustainably sourced from farms where goats are treated responsibly, the environment is protected and the social, ecological, and economic living conditions of cashmere farmers and their families are respected. 

Our cashmere is also OEKO-TEX certified which means it is completely free from harmful chemicals.