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Ethical & Sustainable

Our collection is made by dedicated, skilled artisans in Nepal. We believe in preserving tradition, nurturing the local economy and following ethical and sustainable practices. 

We craft luxurious cashmere scarves, wraps, ponchos, robes and throws that will keep you warm and loved through all your life's stories. We believe the quality of the item is as important as the quality of the lives of the skilled artisans who make them.  

All our artisans are paid fairly for their work and work in a relaxed, safe environment in a family-owned business where everyone feels they are “home away from home”. 

We work with a family-owned workshop in Nepal which has been in business for over forty years and we have much love and care for all of their artisans who are mainly women. Since the beginning, the business has continued to fulfil the aspirations of the artisan weavers by supporting the education of their children to ensure the next generation has a bright future. 

A portion from each sale from our Kasmiri collection goes towards girls’ education initiatives in Nepal through the KASMIRI Education Endowment Fund. Every girl deserves access to education for a better future.